Urgent issues of new reality At MAPIC Russia conference 16-17 September 2020

The long-awaited offline event of the retail real estate market MAPIC Russia 2020 will bring together professionals and industry experts on September 16-18 at Crocus Expo. MAPIC Russia is a great opportunity to meet finally with partners, tenants and landlords to determine the future prospects of the business and industry. Here you can find more effective solutions and lucrative offers, as well as solve the accumulated questions and problems.

The events of the last half of the year showed how tremendously the market has been changing under the influence of external factors. Today, non-standard factors are coming to the fore in “survive” strategies in the market: flexibility and the ability to hear a changed customer; sincerity and concern for health, ecology, consumers and partners. This is what the speakers of MAPIC Russia 2020 will talk about at the especially urgent retail real estate conference "The Art of Adaptation" - a strategic event where specialists will gather to listen to 50+ authoritative speakers. The conference will highlight the most important topics: the art of being successful in a rapidly changing world; joint projects and loyalty programs; industry trends and evolution, new formats, discoveries and opportunities. Today is important to have a keen sense of the pulse, initiate cross-projects, follow the set concept and at the same time surprise the buyer. The strongest experts will share their best practices at the Conference sessions, where speakers are general and structural heads of companies.

On September 16, the conference will be opened with the session "District shopping centres: less is more" (10:00 - 11:30). District shopping centers presents a large and promising segment with a variety of opportunities for confident growth in any format. Speakers will cover different topics such as personal offers: what do customers expect from local shopping centers and what retail concepts are the most attractive, anti-crisis strategies of regional shopping and entertainment centers and small shopping centers features as a daily life local place.

At 12:00, the session “Blurred boundaries. Between online and offline”. Speakers are to reveal such topics as delivery terms: how to set up the process against the background of enormous numbers of orders, shopping center website as an effective communication tool with a client and online/offline integration for convenience's sake of the buyers.

At 14:30, the session “Retailing in business centres & multifunctional complexes” which will be run by experts from various business segments with experience in successful projects and ideas for multifunctional and business centers. At the session, experts will touch upon such topics as “What awaits retail in BC and MFC? How to maintain the required high-quality pool of tenants?”; "Building a competent pool of tenants in a business center"; “Retail in multifunctional projects. Infrastructure retail"

At the end of the day, visitors will hear reports within the session “Forging ahead! Shopping centres re-invented”. Reconception, renovation, renewal - today this is not a plan, but an urgent need. “With doors wide open. Peculiarities of reconception without closing the object”. “On whom to bet on? Shifting focus: promising formats, services and concepts.” “Assessment of financial risks and their management” - the most necessary topics, tips, cases performed by invited experts.

The second series of meetings with leading industry experts will take place on the 17th of September.

At 10:00 am, the session “As green as grass” session on conscious consumption and eco-projects will begin. Within the framework of the session, the following topics were identified: “Conscious consumption, work with meanings and values”; “Taking care of your health: online and offline sports activities in the shopping and entertainment center”; "Not just big words: cases for increasing loyalty from eco-initiatives."

“Marketing storm” on such topics as “Sincerity is the new black: building an honest dialogue with the buyer”, “What rules dictate new patterns of customer behaviour? Are they new?”, “Correct SMM: the best cases for working with an audience”

At 12:00 - Marketing storm! A session about new marketing that comes back to the customer and does what the customer really needs. “Sincerity is the new black: building an honest dialogue with the buyer”, “What rules dictate new patterns of customer behaviour? Are they new?”, “Correct SMM: the best cases for working with an audience” - these are the topics that are of interest to everyone who fully understands the need for effective promotion strategies.

From 14:30 to 16:00 we will analyse the scenario “Three Men in a Boat. Tenant. Landlord. Bank.” –the 7th conference session to discuss Bill No. 953580-7 and effective negotiations for the lease and how to make sure that no one “drowns”.

The conference program is to conclude with "Focus on Russian regions" session. This is a very relevant topic today: the regions confirm their role as irreplaceable partners and unique suppliers, and not just satellites. Resources, information, a lot of opportunities and ideas are concentrated in the regions. And this new parity of regions and capitals is being promoted in every way by the media, travel organizations and social networks. We catch the wave - we are talking about the consumer in the regions: “Keeping pace with the time”; “The winner takes everything: how to differentiate ourselves from competitors in areas with a high level of saturation of retail space?”, “Let's go and eat. Prospects for the development of the F&B segment in the regions”.

Sessions “Forging ahead! Shopping centres re-invented” and “As green as grass” are available online. LIVE Partner is Initium.


Partners events: JLL hosts sessions “Retail of the future: transformation in the era of new normal” and “Pricing in commercial property and warehousing: behind the scenes of the 'location comes first' principle” (in collaboration with Avito); VILEDA Professional offers a discussion on the topic "How to make your facility safe and clean?" MK3 talks about reconception and redevelopment in the era of changes and transformations, KINOTECHNOLOGY - about mutually beneficial cooperation of trade and entertainment structures, the Russian Council of Shopping Centers and City Term Health and Recreation Centers - about different shopping centers formats implementation and its future.

In order to carry out individual meetings, discussions and negotiations on the results of all the events of the exhibition, the exclusive VIP-zone MAPIC Russia Retailers' Club operates on site during 3 days of exhibition. The MAPIC Russia Retailers' Club Partner is OZ MALL (PRAKTIKA Group).

Online services of the project, such as Reed Click mobile application will help you not to miss the necessary events, contacts and materials.

See you at MAPIC Russia on September 16-18, 2020 at Crocus Expo! We are sincerely glad that we can see you again.

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