MAPIC Russia online public talks: Art of adaptation in the time of turbulence

Apr 16, 2020

In the restrictive measures conditions, MAPIC Russia supports the industry and launches online public talks: Art of adaptation in the time of turbulence. On April 21 and 22, market experts will share the insights of anti-crisis management while isolation, discuss how Ruble depreciation and COVID-19 affect retail and real estate market, forecast possible scenarios for the development of the future and tell what support measures are essential to the retail real estate market right now.

All business communities’ representatives are united now more than ever before. Everyone is aimed on the crisis overcoming and adaption to the new conditions. In a matter of weeks, whole sectors of the economy, public institutions and business processes were transformed. Today business should be flexible, technologically advanced and innovative. Experts around the world actively share their opinions and experience on how to restructure business, product or sales, trying to predict our future reality and new world.

On April 21, MAPIC Russia online public talks speakers will concentrate on the anti-crisis management for developers, shopping centers, IFC.

On April 22, the second session will take place. Its focus will be on retail: “Perfect storm. Pandemic as a trigger for the transformation of the world, business and innovation”.

Participation in the online conference is free. The online conference is to be held in Russian. Follow the news on the MAPIC Russia website and find out which speakers will be your remote team for 2 days of a strategic brainstorm.

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